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Welcome to Jaybird & Mais

Jaybird & Mais, Inc., founded by Jerry Garfield and Norman Mais in 1985, is a company dedicated to the manufacture of pressure sensitive rubber based adhesive tapes and coatings for markets worldwide.

With our adhesive coating and automated rewinding/slitting departments on premises, we are fully equipped to service our customers' needs in a wide range of areas. Our manufacturing facility is ISO9001 certified.

Detailed information about each of our product lines is available here. Please use the tabs at the top of this page to explore our web site. We look forward to the opportunity of serving you.


Jaybird & Mais Corporate Headquarters
360 Merrimack Street
Lawrence, MA 01843-1740

TEL: +1 978-686-8659
FAX: +1 978-686-1141
Web: www.jaybird.com
E-mail: sales@jaybird.com

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360 Merrimack Street
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All products manufactured by Jaybird & Mais, Inc. are processed with environmentally safe technology.

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